We Execute the potential in your Business

Adssets, Amaker and Quad have come together in Execute Media to realize the potential of your business

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Adssets offers a SaaS plattform with a booking interface, self-serve capabuilities and a powerfull creative platform with DCO in order to simplify and streamline the process for media and advertisers.

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Digital agency that offers consulting services in marketing, strategy and digital transformation.

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Creative agency using first-party data from advertiser and media to produce effective creatives

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European publishers are using our Customer Marketplace

Based on "Adssets customers marketplace", their partners have launched a new booking interface that enables effective sales processes and self-serve possibilities for advertisers.

The Market will always change

In the past years Google and Facebook have dominated the Ad industry. Data has evidently played a big role in their success but even more so the possibility for advertisers to plan, execute and analyse marketing activities on their respective platforms. 

Programmatic which has dominated traditional digital media for the past ten years, is now moving into DOOH, connected-tv and audio which opens up new possibilities. 

But the tide has turned. The new privacy directive and tracking possibilities are completely changing the market which will affect both the media and advertisers. Challenges turn into opportunities. 

Within Execute Media, our mission is to make media buying simple, transparent and efficient.

We contribute to the market with our platform that aims to streamline and future-proof the sales process while we offer services to navigate the complex landscape of media - No matter what we do, our ambition will always be to simplify media buying. 

‍‍ Raoul Grünthal (Chairman of the board) 

Amaker work with brands in digital transformation

Through operational or strategic support they help partners to simplify their marketing initiatives. They act as their partners' traditional digital agency or as their in-house initiative


Buying media should be easy, transparent and effective - For both advertisers and media


"This is not AdTech, this is sales!
We onboard new sale colleagues in 1 day from 3 months in our Customer Marketplace. Completely seamless for sales and clients - Meet, book, approve and follow up - all done with full control.

Stampen is increasing rev. every Q for 6 Q year-on-year, up 110% 2020"

Henrik Carlsson
CRO Stampen Media Group

“We were looking for a partner who had the opportunity to look beyond the classic KPI’s, someone who wanted a close collaboration and who would constantly strive for progress.- We have found them!”

Linda Ahnfeldt
CMO Sova

"Amaker is a flexible partner who both understands the big picture & can support us operationally.In the collaboration with Amaker, there is a clear transparency that we highly value.”

Patrik Fjelkegård
CMO, Hypoteket

Design and AdTech is our passion

QUAD is a design and tech agency that specializes in advertising.

Since 2015, we have created everything from brand identities to ads for large publishers, skilled agencies and smaller advertisers.

They have a wide range of creative ad formats, all designed to engage your audience.

With their own advanced technology, they can challenge the limits of what is possible for digital advertising.